“Special Thanks Sunday”


We would like to give a big thank you to David Andrew Reyes, Laura Lee Connery, Chas Ridley, and the 5 who wish to remain anonymous for their generous contributions during week four of our campaign. 

Remember, we are trying to raise awareness about homelessness and what often comes along with it.  So please keep sharing our story and spreading our powerful message. 

Thank you!




Shedding Some Light On a Dark Issue That Many Turn Their Backs On

Don’t turn your back on an issue that is so prevalent in our own backyards.

In January 2012, 633,782 people were experiencing homelessness. A majority of persons identified as homeless were staying in emergency shelters or transitional housing.  Of that number 38% were unsheltered, living on the streets, in cars, abandoned buildings, or other places not intended for human habitation. Homelessness is essentially caused by the inability of households to pay for housing. Nationally, the average household incomedecreased, while the fair market rent increased. This is not something may of us cannot relate to.  Sometimes it is not the situations we may think of that cause “homelessness”. Together we can bring to light this powerful message. Don’t ignore what is happening in your own backyard.

We are determined to globalize this story and bring to light a message that needs to be told. Lee Whittaker is passionate story teller on a mission to share a powerful message that everyone else turns their back on. The truth.

Sadly, stories like ours don’t get big studios to help fund them. That is why we are seeking help from an army of people who feel as passionate as we do about this topic. Any help is greatly appreciated; spreading the word, sharing our message, contributing to our campaign, or just “liking” our  FB page. We greatly value any help we can get. 

 We are so close to finishing our story we just need a little extra push to get to the end product.

We truly appreciate your time in reading this message and hope you feel inspired by our project and compelled to affect change. Together can all “BE THE DIFFERENCE”.

Thank you from the Family of “Catching Fireflies”!

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Contribute today and be a part of the change you wish to see.



Special Thanks to Our Supporters & Contributors

“Special Thanks Sunday”

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! We would like to take a moment to thank this week’s contributors and supporters of “Catching Fireflies”. 

Wally Crowder, Dave Mattey, Tim Mikulecky, Greg Anthony, TJ & Lauren, Mike Ryan, Darin Basile, Jamie Deschenes, Genie, Eddie Fernandez, Shantal Lamelas, Marc Scizak, Adam R. Gomez, Anthony Martins, Duke Jackson, Michelle & Jimmy, Danielle Reierson, Ariana Molkara, Carl Nespoli, Chris Gann, Dustin Cornelius, Denis O’Mahoney, Lisa Kift, Kerri Krull, Katie Burnett, Audi Resendez, & Joey Giambattista.

A huge “THANK YOU” to all of you who have made week two another notable week of contributions! Let’s make week three another successful one by sharing our campaign with all of your friends and family. Keep spreading our message and together we can all “BE THE DIFFERENCE”.  

Thank you!


Affect Change & Be Part of a Powerful Message

It starts with one person and that one person is you. We can all affect change, big or small. “Be the Difference”. By participating in our campaign and contributing you can be part of a powerful message that is bigger than us all! This film is about awareness and by supporting “Catching Fireflies” you can make a difference and that will  bring us that much closer to getting this story to the people.

Thank you.

Spread the message of hope and compassion, affect change, and “Be the Difference”.



Special Thanks to Our Contributors

We would like to take this moment to graciously thank all of our donators after week 1 of our Indiegogo campaign.

Pat Milicano
Max Deacon
Daniel Merill
Terri Montoya
Cindra Lee Henry
Peter Bedard
Tammy Allen
Kevin Abercrombie
Brenda Garcia
Michael Edelstein
Lisa Pantone
Danielle Rayne
Ira Flock
Wendy Von Burg
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The Moore Family
Steve Hart
Kara Peterson
Also to all those who wish to remain anonymous.

And a very special thanks to our “Angels” who have donated $1000+

Alicia Vela- Bailey & the “Angel” who wishes to remain anonymous.

Thank you everyone for all of your support and love! Onwards to week 2, let’s hit it out of the park!!




Help “Catching Fireflies” Tell Our Story

Why Indiegogo?

This all started with me. My efforts alone have paired me up with some of the most talented creators and artists in the industry and they have come on board non-monetarily because they like I, believe that art is one of the most powerful tools to bring awareness to the world. Help us prove that art and creativity have a place in this world and help us reach the hearts of millions through cinema. Help us reach across the globe so we can begin to strive for compassion and responsibility.

It truly doesn’t take much to be a part of the difference. It can be as simple as sharing this project & donating.

Whether you end up with a personalized light painting or an invite to a special preview screening, you’ll know that the best incentive you get is knowing on a global scale that YOU helped make a difference.

In short,

Here is where we get to decide, not the wealthy and powerful, but us together by doing as little of a gesture as donating “pocket change”. That small bit on a large scale can show the world that we as a collective can make all the difference we could ever dream. Indiegogo is our vehicle and you have the power to take the wheel. Be the difference in the world.

Risks and challenges

When it comes to risks and challenges, every endeavor has them. Film is no different than any other project. “Catching Fireflies” has many challenges. One challenge is that our lead actress is a 9-year old girl who will have to be put up against sensitive material. We will have to have a studio teacher present at all times, abide by laws and union rules, obtain a work permit and workers compensation, and make sure she is okay in situations where we are filming under water or during a heavy scene. Another challenge we face is shooting underwater. Other challenges include lack of time, limited budget, having to deal with whatever comes our way, but we have a solid crew. We have carefully selected each and every person working on this project, not only for their passion and dedication to this industry, but because of their high level of professionalism and experience. For instance, we hired award-winning casting directors to make sure to find us a little girl who felt comfortable with the setting we are putting her in. We have sought out professional mermaids, underwater camera operators, certified scuba divers and rescuers, in order to overcome any hurdles in regards to the underwater shoot. There are always risks and challenges, but so long as we are prepared for not only what’s to come, but for what may come, we will be able to handle whatever comes our way. And prepared we are and are constantly becoming.

The Inspiration

It all started with one man’s experience.

Lee Whittaker was recently in a foreign country and experienced homeless like he’d never seen. A tiny young girl on the street begging for money at 6:30am. The part the broke him immediately was the fact that she was completely naked and covered in filth and grime. Only the streaks from tears showed this poor child’s true skin tone.

Here’s the scoop.

“Catching Fireflies” is the story of a little girl who attempts to escape the rigors and misfortunes of the ghetto through the power of her mystical imagination while simultaneously protecting the relationship with her addict mother.

Sometimes little angels (our children) get caught in the crossfire by accident. Sad and unfortunate, but true in the world we live in. It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.Fireflies